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Welcome to Golden Ears Dental

We are focused on providing patients of all ages with high quality dental care. Our dentists and hygienists are always acquiring the latest skills and technology. Providing you with proper preventative treatment is a top priority, since not only will you have a healthier smile, but it will save you time and trouble.
We offer a wide range of dental treatments, within an extended schedule that caters to busy families on the go. Not only do we cater to anxious patients, but also to new and existing patients who may require an emergency dental appointment. Should you have any questions about the services we offer, feel free to give us a call.

Dedicated to Providing a Comfortable and Pleasant Experience

Our modern, storefront clinic has comfortable chairs, dedicated tv and privacy headphones for each patient. We have private parking in the rear and ample street parking all around. For your convenience, we provide fast WiFi throughout the clinic.

Better Care Through Advanced Technology

We are always training and adopting the newest techniques and technology that best serves our patients. Our all digital x-rays give us excellent clarity with much less radiation. Advances in intraoral imaging, facial development analysis and guidance, and restoration materials and techniques let us provide modern, best practices dental care.


Years and Counting


Our trained dentists and hygienists are available.
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Certified Staff

Our dentists and staff are certified professionals in their respective BC colleges.

Minimal Wait Times

Our highly trained receptionists will get you the appointment that works best for you.

Excellent Service

We want the best for your oral health and will work diligently with you to achieve it.

Scheduled Reminders

Our receptionists and modern software will connect with you to make the best of both our time.

Please visit us and meet our expert team

Our team of dedicated, highly trained dentists, hygienists, assistants, and receptionists: all ready to help with your oral health!

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